FIVE (2017)

29 min | Drama, Narrative


An Iranian female Ex-Political prisoner living in London is trying to find peace in her life but her traumatic past haunts her


Writer/Director: Mahshad Afshar

Stars: Soudabeh Farrokhnia, Esmail Khoei,

Elika Ashoori, Soran Sorany

Director Statement

"Five" is a story which examines the psyche of a traumatic past; the ways in which one internalizes trauma and moves through it. Set in the interior of a woman’s home in exile, we see the main character's struggle with ordinary daily issues, rationalization and denials associated with PTSD, and the reconciliation of trauma into the mundanities of everyday life. Using surrealist elements, "FIVE" hones in on the more nuanced ways that survivors deal with trauma. The film strives to capture what “surviving” looks like day-to-day and moment-to-moment, without centering the story around the brutality of the act itself. "FIVE" is inspired by real-life story of a woman whose fate exemplifies the imprisonment of political activists in Iran. Association with torture and imprisonment, however, isn't something that impacts an unfortunate few; it's a pervasive issue infecting societies across cultures and generations leaving its marks on history. With your support and our determination, this film will contribute to the on-going conversations we're having, locally and internationally, regarding imprisonment and torture, and will highlight the issue of human rights globally.